School Field Trip Information for “San Ramon’s Agricultural History,” A Program for 3rd Graders

This field trip program is designed for 3rd grade school classes. The program content corresponds with the San Ramon Valley Unified School District History/Social Science benchmarks for Grade 3. The children will be visiting the local 16-acre historic site located at 19953 San Ramon Valley Boulevard in San Ramon.

This local farm played a large role in the agricultural history of the San Ramon Valley. The site includes two farmhouses and many outbuildings dating from the mid 1800’s. Each school library in the San Ramon Valley School District has a copy of the Forest Home Farms video. Participating classes should watch the video before coming on the field trip.

The field trip program includes a tour of the property and hands-on activity stations that allow the student to get a better understanding of how individuals lived and worked in the San Ramon Valley during the previous century. One activity station allows the students to guess the contents of a grandmother’s trunk and grandfather’s toolbox. Then “Grandma” and “Grandpa” help them try out some of these old-fashion items. The other activity station focuses on gardening, canning and food preservation. Students have a chance to plant something to take home with them.

The program take place Tuesday through Friday during September through November and February through June.

There is a $5 fee per student for the field trip to help cover costs. Checks should be made out to the City of San Ramon. Payment can be made the day of the trip.


Field Trip Schedule of Activities
(9:00am – 12:00 noon)

9:00 — 9:05
Welcome (divide class into 2 groups of 10)

9:05 — 9:45
Group 1 — Tour of property
Group 2 — Garden

9:45 — 10:30
Group 1 — Grandma & Grandpa Activity Station
Group 2 — Canning Activity Station

10:30 — 10:35
Break & Switch Groups

10:35 — 11:15
Group 1 — Garden
Group 2 — Tour of the Property

11:15 — 12:00
Group 1 — Canning Activity Station
Group 2 — Grandma & Grandpa Activity Station


Field trips are held outdoors. Children and adults should dress appropriately for weather conditions. Children are encouraged to wear “farm clothes” (overalls, jeans, plaid shirts, bandanas and sneakers/boots.) Be sure children come to Forest Home Farms with nametags. Students can bring a snack and a lunch.

For more information contact the City of San Ramon at (925) 973-3282.


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San Francisco ABC-TV ran a news story on Forest Home Farms’ 3rd grade field trip and included two of our tour docents. It aired on Friday, June 12. 2009. Read the full article